July 5, 2020

Life Settlements

You Can Sell Your Senior Life Insurance Policy, For More Than The Cash Surrender Value!

What is a Life Settlement?

A Life Settlement, is the sale and transfer of your life insurance policy, to an investment company, for a lump sum of cash to you.

Until recently, the owner of an unneeded or unaffordable life policy has had two options – Sell / Surrender the policy back to the company that issued it for it’s cash value (if any) or allow the policy to lapse, after years of premiums paid.

Now however, there is a third alternative, for you: A Life Settlement.

The buyer of the policy (investor) becomes the policy owner, assuming all the responsibility for paying future premiums and also becoming the policy’s beneficiary.

Why Do Policy Holders Sell Their Policy?

  • Policy premiums have become too expensive.
  • Beneficiaries no longer require protection.
  • Loans secured by a policy are repaid.
  • Businesses are sold or closed.
  • Key executives retire.

What Are The Standard Requirements To Sell My Policy?

  • You must be age 65 or older.
  • Policy has a face value of $500,000.00 or more.
  • You have a serious or declining medical condition.


It begins with a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Before we do anything, we first determine whether or not a life settlement is truly in a client’s best interests.

If the answer is yes, we look to maximize the settlement offer, by obtaining multiple bids from the institutional secondary market, all while ensuring the client’s confidentiality, as follows:

1. We collect the necessary information from the policyholder.

2. No medical exam is required. The investors in house medical director and team, review the medical information and the existing insurance policy and prepare a valuation package.

3. The case is sent out to third party underwriting sources in the institutional secondary market.

4. Having multiple, competing, funding sources in a free market, allows us to obtain the highest possible settlement offer for you.

5. This offer is non-binding on the policy owner.

6. If the offer is accepted, documents are sent to the policy owner or their legal counsel and funding follows shortly thereafter.

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